Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Meat Gingerbread House

Meatrry Christmas

If you love meat you are going to love this Gingerbread House. The boys of Epic Meal Time have came up with the ultimate meat lovers gingerbread house. Steak and sausage was used as the brick and mortar for the house, mashed potatoes as snow, and ribs for the fence. And don't forget about the the candied bacon. I think a slice of their candied bacon would suit me just fine right about now!

Watch their video below to see how this masterpiece was created.

Yes, that is a ham door.


  1. I love this! It is so funny! What will they think of next?! :o)

  2. Holy moly!!!! Love this!!!!

  3. Doesn't it make your mouth water! I bet more dads would sit down and make a gingerbread house if it turned out like this.

  4. Anything made with bacon is AWESOME!!

  5. I am not sure how we did not create a tradition like this while we served our time at Butler.

  6. I just laughed my brains out. This is so priceless...and kind of making me hungry.


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