Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Top 10 of 2010

You've been great readers!

Thanks so much to everyone who has followed along this year on my #agblog. I think it is always interesting to go back and see where people came from and what stories you thought were the most interesting.

Here is a recap of Crystal Cattle 2010:

Visitors came from 81 countries, 1. USA, 2. Canada, 3. Australia

The darker the state the more visitors
Top states were 1. Kansas, 2. Texas, 3. Missouri, 4. Iowa, 5. California. This year my goal is to spread my message further towards the coasts and to the people who can't get to farms and ranches. If you have a cousin, friend, teacher, banker, anyone that has questions about agriculture point them my direction.

Top stories

1. Two Bar West Purses 
Still don't have one of these, but they are sure pretty to look at!

2. Last American Cowboy
I didn't get to watch nearly as many episodes as I would have liked, but I loved this story.

3. Chipotle I am Sorry But We Are Over
Still haven't ate there, and still won't

4. Livestock Judging Calculator Score Card
Thanks for for pointing out this handy little gadget

5. They sure do like chicken in Australia
A fun post about my trip their this fall. Can't wait to go back!

6. I am Proud of You 
Two people I admire a lot told me this, and it meant a lot.

7. The Benefits of 4-H Besides the Head, Heart, Hands, Health Part
I loved the comments on this post. And if anyone finds this magnet let me know!

8. Public Perception of HSUS Ad Campaigns
We need to continue to tell the agriculture story, because these guys are way off.

9. No More Yellowtail Wine for Me Thank-you
I think the biggest advocacy story of the year. I still won't drink their wine.

10. I Can Feed The World - Jill Harvie
Jill did a great job of telling her story. I can't wait to work with the Five Nations Beef Alliance again this year on their worldwide agriculture video

What was your favorite story of 2010?


  1. I found the Last American Cowboy on TV and absolutely LOVED it. It was on all day yesterday. While my parents were visiting, my dad, a true cowboy, sat with me and we watched numerous episodes. It was great.

  2. Your reader in North Dakota didn't make one of your top states but I love your blog, ideas and photography. Keep up the great work in 2011 Crystal!

  3. Thanks to both of you for reading along!


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