Monday, January 17, 2011

Agriculture and the Cab Driver

Please take me to the Stock Show grounds

During the National Western Stock Show, at least twice a day, I was in a cab. And every time my driver asked me where I was going - at least half of the time it was to the Stock Show grounds for the show, and the other half of the time I am pretty sure they could tell where I had been because of the way I smelled.

Pretty quick a conversation started, where I was from, did I live on a farm, what do I do? Each time I was in that cab I was given an opportunity to tell my story. We talked about beef, what cuts to buy, different breeds of cattle, and how much they enjoy a steak.

A couple times they wanted to know if we were going to eat the ones in those barns, which gave me the opportunity to explain the difference between commercial cattle and seedstock or purebred cattle. I used this opportunity to let them know that we were trying to breed cattle with the very best genetics so that they would have a better eating experience.

They wanted to know how the cattle were treated, and were fascinated by the time we spent feeding washing, and "doing their hair."

One time I got in the cab, with my long black wool coat, hair done up, and Blackberry in hand. This driver was surprised to hear that I was a farmer, and thought it was cool that I had a Blackberry. I told him that farmers and ranchers use all kinds of technology.

Over and over again I was making a positive impression on these people, and allowing them to get to know a farmer. The part that made me a little sad was how many of them said that their uncle, grandparents or even a couple of them had farm animals around at one point, but they had all sold them and the farm. Times were just too hard.

I know the agriculture community will spend a lot of time traveling to shows, conventions and sales in the next couple of month. Do you have your story ready to tell?


  1. Well...maybe I should re-evaluate my mindset about cab rides!

  2. Great point! Next time I am in a cab, I will think about this post :) The KSU CCW girls will be going to NCBA in a couple of weeks and will take cabs to and from the airport; hopefully we will get the opportunity or make the opportunity to share our story!

  3. I enjoy your blog. It's been a long time since I left the feed lots on my folks' Iowa farm, but frost-lined winter days bring back images of tossing hay bales into feeders and hand-milking our one milk cow. I have several posts about this on the CAST blog including my most recent, a childhood memory of "farming the carpet" when I was allowed to set up my red barn operation and let the cattle graze in the living room.

  4. Great post, Crystal, and so encouraging! Too often, I get comfortable, caught up in where I'm going to remember that I'm given a ton of opportunities to talk about agriculture if I would just look around.

    Thanks for motivating me!

  5. Love this post, good reminders!

  6. Excellent post! from Angus Youth Australia!!!


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