Thursday, January 13, 2011

NWSS Angus Bull Show video

The cameras are rolling.

Yesterday was the Angus Bull Show at the National Western Stock Show. One thought did cross my mind when these two bulls were selected. I thought it was pretty neat to see two junior members winning Champion and Reserve. Both Katy Satree and Britney Creamer have sold part of their bulls to other breeders, but I think it speaks a lot for youth cattle programs to see them competing successfully with the big guns.


  1. Awesome job Crystal! I LOVE that 2 Juniors and their partners won. Like you said, an amazing testament to Youth Programs.

  2. Hey Crystal. Great video. Haha, you were taking photos right next to me at the Angus Bull Sale on Wednesday. Should've said hello...but you looked pretty busy. Great sale and livestock! Good luck with the rest of the Stock Show.


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