Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turquoise Thursday Mittens

Keeping you warm

This week we are going to be a little more practical because I think everyone except for the Wife of a Dairyman are freezing! She has been bragging about it on Twitter.

So begin with the Mitten Ice Scraper

I first saw one of these at the Boy's house in Iowa, and today one of my coworkers pulled one out - it was a cute paisley pattern. I think this is a pretty genius idea. No more cold hands!

Or maybe you need a big turquoise cowl scarf to keep you warm?

I am addicted to winter jackets. When you grew up in Canada people saw you jacket way more than what was underneath. I was able to resist buying a new one this year, but definitely getting a new one next year.

And I have to show you these. One of my favorite Christmas presents this year! They definitely kept me toasty walking around the National Western Stock Show.


  1. I'm from Iowa and didn't know about mitten ice scrapers. How is this even possible!?

    Also - lovin' the Canadian mittens!

  2. Oh you got the Canada mittens. I have Rhe 2010 Olympuc version and wore them to school all last winter! They are so warm and very cool all at the same time!

  3. I am loving the Turquoise Thursday! Cute scarf and jacket!

  4. Love the mittens and yes the ice scapers are necessary. Thanks for all the inspiration on the Blog...Boy's Dad

  5. I definitely want that scarf...but don't need it. Your gloves are adorable!! Stay warm!
    I don't want to brag but it will be 75 degrees today at my house... :)


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