Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walt Browarny - legendary cattle photographer

My front foot forward. 

My sister and I grew up attending cattle show with my parents. Showing livestock is amazing way to learn responsibility, caring for others, all the things that come with winning and losing and how to make life long friendships.

At each show after I was done in the showring I would we would head to the photo backdrop to have our photo captured, and for probably 80% of the photos that were taken of me were taken by Walt Browarny, or the amazing team of photographers he has lined up. Today, the Browarny name is also known under the Show Champions brand, and they'll be in Denver all week snapping photos.

I remember one of my proudest moments at the show photo backdrop is when I walked my heifer in and Walt said stop right they, don't move a foot. Walt never said don't move a foot. He always had a foot to move an inch here or there. I was grateful to work for Browarny's during college. Again many lessons were learned.

I think you'll enjoy this I am Angus video that was put together on Walt Browarny.

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