Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three types of people

Moving towards my goals

Last week in church my pastor had an amazing sermon, and it got me thinking where do I want to be. There are things I want to achieve in my personal life, create stronger relationships, get through those hurdles in the workplace, and achieve my dreams. However, I have to admit I am like the 95% of people who have never wrote down their lifetime goals, but that is about to change.

There are three types of people - Row Boat People, Sailboat People and Steamboat People.

Row Boat people need a push. Sailboat people only move when the the winds are favorable, but the winds take them wherever they want. And then there are Steamboat people. Their engines are constantly moving and they are control in where they want to go.

I want to be the Steamboat person. I want to be constantly moving, but more importantly in control of where I am headed.


  1. Looking at the heavy snow falling. Cows need hay. I feel a row boat kinda day comin on!

  2. I like this analogy - I am totally a sailboat kind of person - always have been used to try to change but now have learned to take advantage of my "sailboat"edness (not a word I know) when my wind blows I take advantage of it and work twice as hard!
    I hope you accomplish becoming a steamboat - You seem like the type of person who will!!!!

  3. Spring, Summer and Fall I am a Steamboat person. In the winter I am a sailboat person. I loved this post!

  4. I want to be a steamboat person too! Many days I am, but then I get tired. I suppose we're all parts of each, aren't we?


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