Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch - I am Angus

Telling her story.

Before Christmas I traveled out to the Flint Hills of Kansas to spend a day videoing and interviewing Debbie Lyons Blythe. Debbie is a pretty cool gal. She is the man power behind her family's ranch, and has five kids and a great husband to support to her. She's involved in her community, knows the importance of attending industry agriculture meetings and has wrote a cook book so consumers who are buying boxed beef from her have a better understanding of how to utilize the whole carcass.

I got to the Ranch just a little before lunch and Debbie was starting to make a huge pot of chili. I knew it would be good because I am a huge fan of Debbie's Beef Enchilada Soup recipe. Looking at that pot I thought wow she'll have left overs for days. However, when her kids (four in high school, and one a in college) rolled in for lunch it was evident that there wasn't going to be much left over. These kids were filling up on beef, and it would fuel them for rest of the day.

Debbie was the subject of my I am Angus segment because of her commitment to telling agriculture's story to the consumer. She wants consumers to know where their food comes from, and she wants farmers and ranchers to be accessible to answer questions. Things I want too.

Be sure to check out Debbie on Twitter @DebbieLB, her facebook page Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch or Debbie's ranch blog.


  1. Very nice Crystal! Congrats again on a great I Am Angus!

  2. this is such a great video! nice work! :)

  3. Crystal, I am honored to have been a segment on I Am Angus...you do such a great job with these videos! They are exactly what we need right now--for industry communications and to connect with the non-ag public. Keep up the great work and thanks for spending the day with us.

  4. Nice work, Debbie and Crystal! Excellent video and message. Well done (actually I prefer medium rare!).


  5. Great work guys!!! I love all the "I am Angus" things I have seen and heard so far.

    I wish that NCBA would do something like this cause I think it is such a great way to tell the story of beef production!

  6. What a beautiful and gracious face to be an ambassador to this life. I appreciate her sincerity in helping to tell the story of how beef reaches people's tables. I also really like her amiable and friendly mannerisms, truth be told, some ranch/farm wives...seem to be putting on such a show and trying to prove themselves that they can ride...rope whatever, just as good as a man. I always appreciate the lady who can communicate her message and do her job...just naturally. She is a great representative.

    Lady, YOUR work is absolutely great. What a fantastic video. Makes me proud of our lifestyle.

  7. I love watching I am Angus! You did a great job. Thank you for sharing!


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