Friday, January 14, 2011

NWSS Junior Heifer Show

And the champions are chosen.

Yesterday, was the Junior Angus Show at the National Junior Angus Show. It was again the girls walking away with the Champion banner. It was an especially exciting day for Lindsey. Although, her and her sister are no strangers to the showring, this was the first major Junior Show that Lindsey has won. It was even that much more meaningful as she is approaching the end of her junior show career. I hope you enjoy the video.

And thank-you to all the people that have been joining me on my blog. I know that a lot of you are new visitors to Crystal Cattle and I appreciate you stopping by!


  1. I think this is such a worthwhile endeavor for young people. It is popular here in my small town.

  2. Great video, Crystal! Between you and Stacy, I'm managing to get my Denver fix this year via blog! :)

  3. Farmchick you are right! Youth can learn a lot from taking care of an animal, and the showing teaches you a lot about life.

    Thanks Tiffany, we've got another one posted. Stay tune!


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