Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Red Cows and Hoarfrost

It's Wintertime on the Farm 

Remembered when I promised that I would share with you a few more photos from my family's farm back in Alberta. As promised....

 I love hoarfrost, but it usually means two things 1. It's really cold out and 2. You were up early to see it before the wind knocks it all off. 

My family raises Simmental cattle. We have both red (brown) and black ones, and and lots of snow. 

Our cows are pretty big and round right now because it is calving time for my family's farm. You can read about our first baby calf born on my sister's blog. This momma is due in February. 

Whoever thought a cow's behind side could be so interesting. I guess you can take the farm girl out of me.

Such a pretty morning. 

To see more pictures from my family's farm visit my facebook page Crystal Cattle.


  1. Great pics...I love the one of the cow's rear-ends!

  2. I love the pics! Thanks for sharing! The cows look so pretty in the snow...and I just love the hoarfrost pictures!

  3. I LOVE your photos! I wish I had a kick butt camera! Keep up all of your great work. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Great angles! I love that you got down on the ground for a good shot;

  5. Thanks everyone for the compliments. It was a great morning to spend some time around my animals.


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