Monday, January 24, 2011

Dateless and calving cows

That's a farm girl's life.

This weekend I got to head back to Manhattan, Kansas, for two college friends' wedding. It was an awesome time, good friends, beautiful bride and lots of fun. Of course the Boy was invited to be my date, but as I headed to Manhattan, he stayed in Iowa.

You see during this time of year a lot of newborn calves are born, and you may or may not have noticed it is pretty darn COLD out right now! On a farm that means a lot of extra work. Cattle are eating more and going through their feed faster, bedding (typically straw) needs to put down for the cattle to lay in, water sources tend to freeze and sometimes cows need help in delivering their babies. All of these things kept the Boy on the farm, while I was putting on my heels and new dress.

When you grow up on a farm you realize that sacrifices have to be made. Livestock come first. They are relying on us for care and comfort, and farmers and ranchers are more than willing to provide it. Yes, it was great to be with my friends, but when I found out that the Boy's cow had her baby heifer calf and everything went fine that was just as good of a feeling.

As you are headed to your warm or cozy office today or making weekend plans be sure to think of the farmers that are providing food for our tables.

The newest addition to the Boy's Hereford herd. 


  1. Love this blog.....and the title is fantastic! :)

  2. Way too cute- I love calving time! Been there done that with the dateless thing - it takes a special kind of person to understand why farmers can't clock out at 5pm - my wedding anniversary is July 18th only because that was the only Saturday the year we got married that there was no weaning, farrowing, breeding, planting, sparying, harvesting going on! Also love the green and yellow wedding cake in the pic!

  3. Congrats on the new addition at JJB. Right now, I'm kind of glad that we're not in the show cattle or seedstock business. We'll wait until it's a bit warmer in April...and then I'll probably slip and fall on my face in the wet soggy ground. Come to think of it, I might have to weigh the options.

  4. Oh you are singing my song girl! We plan everything around calving, seeding, spraying, haying, harvest and hauling cattle and bales. We've even planned our babies for the "Farmer's Summer" November to March...

  5. Oh Crystal how times have changed. As you know I have not only been dateless to events but also missed them due to calving. However in the last two years you can say there have been two major changes in the calving world at Highland. #1. We have now learned that you no longer have to miss the event....but you do have to host it. We are now the ones who have all the parties during calving season. New Years and Super Bowl are all ways at our house (good thing we built it large enough to hold a good party) Not only do you not have to leave the farm but if something goes wrong you have alot of people to help you and to do the checks. #2 KIDS... Before the kids i did the midnight check, but for the previous two winters i have been pregnant so i given a "hall Pass" on the checking. When Tim asked me this year "Since you are not pregnant you can check again right?" My response was that i do not know why he complains so much about getting up a couple times a night for only three months of the year....I had not had a full night sleep since 2008! He has not mentioned it since and i have not needed to do a check yet.. The moral to the story....I have learned that the only thing that "trumps" calving is having babies. Kim Matthews

  6. Crystal,

    So glad you could make it to MHK for our wedding! We had a blast -- I wondered where JJB was but I should have known it was a cattle conundrum ;) Thanks for posting our picture on your blog and to the person who liked our cake...THANKS!

  7. Kim, you host the parties so you get extra help too right. I seem to remember some participants in Christmas Eve chores!

    Brandi, yes that cake was excellent.


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