Friday, January 28, 2011

Remembering those goals


Remember at the beginning of the month when I said I was going to participate in #3in30, well the month is over. Here's the report... not so good.

I only finished 1 of my 3 goals. I started the read USA Today for 10 days straight a couple of time, but that didn't happen. And my secret personal goal of not eating at fast food places didn't let me pay it forward.

So the "goal" in February is to do a lot better. I'll let you know soon what those goals are, and I would encourage you to participate in the #3in30 challenge too. Read about 3 in 30, and let me know if you participate.

Now in other goals, like the ones on my 101 in 1001 list. I have a few updates. Remember how I was going to change a couple goals because they didn't apply. Well here are the new ones.

#5. Visit Dana (can't be meeting her in Kansas, Iowa or at a cattle show)

#62. Meet three of my new Twitter friends in person - already met one in Denver just by chance

#68. Clean my car twice. Like really good clean, looking brand new kind of clean.

And one more update! I have officially sent out enough thank-you cards to scratch #22. off my list. Doesn't mean I won't stop writing those cards though.

p.s. I know I was bad and didn't get my Turquoise Thursday wrote. I did buy these very cute turquoise thank-you cards though. Thank-you Walmart. 


  1. I TOTALLY LOVE GOAL #5!! :)

  2. Let's do better together as we start fresh tomorrow!! :-D #3in30

  3. I love a clean car. And I'm always setting goals for myself. I like to keep them simple, so I'm not disappointed in myself ~ ha.

    Pretty thank you cards, too.

  4. Thanks so much for all the enouragement. I hope I can get them accomplished.


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