Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last American Cowboy another view

Tune in folks

I have talked about my love for the Last American Cowboy program on Animal Planet before, however since the season is over here is another way you can learn a little more about the lives of those involved in agriculture. 

Tomorrow night (Monday, January 3rd) at 7 CST on RFD-TV another I am Angus program will be airing. Now you don't have to have Angus cattle for this show to apply to you. I am Angus tells the stories of those people who's lives are impacted by agriculture. It could be a grocery store owner in New York City or a ranch family in Montana. Working on this show is one of the favorite parts of my jobs. 

He is a sneak peak at one of the segments in the show.

And if you love showing cattle or visiting the National Western Stock Show you are going to especially like this edition of I am Angus. Hope you all tune in!


  1. I will have to check this out. I have watched the cowboy show on Animal Planet before and did enjoy it.

  2. I'll also be posting some of the videos here, stay tuned.


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