Friday, January 7, 2011

The Farm Sign - Marketing 101

Who are you?

Today I would like to share a pet peeve of mine with you. I spend a lot of time on the road. Interstates, freeways, highways, county roads, roads that don't show up on my Garmin. And because of that I see a lot of farmland, crops and cows.

Do you know how many times I have driven past a beautiful set of black cows (they are the ones that seem to catch my eye the most, but any color or breed will work) and I say to myself, "Hmm that are pretty good set of cattle, I wonder who owns them," because Farmer Joe or Ranch Bob hasn't got a farm sign up. I mean business in town don't not put up signs because they want you to guess who they are and what they sell. Lost opportunities can mean lost dollars.

My friends Catherine and Luke have a beautiful farm sign for their Brahman and Shorthorn ranch - V8 Ranch.

This is the smaller farm sign they have closer to their house, and there is a larger one by the road that points them in the right direction to their ranch. 

I think this maybe one of the most beautiful ranch signs I have ever seen. Check out the creator's facebook page I can't wait to post more of their stuff on my blog. 

And you can be sure one day when I am on my own farm I'll have a big sign! 

p.s Thanks to Luke for sending me these photos. Luke and Catherine have a growing photography business, Our Little Ranch Photography, and take some amazing photos! 


  1. I keep telling "The Farmer" as soon as we move to the farm we are getting one of these GORGEOUS signs :)

  2. Oh man. I now NEED a farm so I can have a sign! Or maybe Dallyn and I need one in our urban fron yard... A smaller one that is moveable.

  3. What a beautiful sign! I'll have to bookmark that site! Thanks:)

  4. I'm jealous! I am going to have to step up to my "A" game for you to find our place. If you make it to Ft. Worth, come look us up in the barns, it will be easier than finding our sign along the road.

  5. We sooo need and want a sign, however, our dilemma is that we live on my grandparents place (which we now own), but it's farmed by my uncle, dad, and grandpa, along with my husband, and it's surrounded by our landlord's, if we were to name it something, we should make it catchy and that has nothing to do with our name...hmmm...maybe a contest on my blog is in order!! Thanks for the link!

  6. and the last comment was me...I don't know why it's anonymous!!
    Emily @

  7. Excellent post!!! And both my husband and I know we need the sign and have talked about it as well as the concept all done. The farm is six years old but we've had cattle for 11 years. House is built this year and then the sign which will pay tribute to both of our businesses in Oil & Gas and our Lowlines and Santa Gertrudis! And thanks for pointing me to on facebook!!!

    Great post Crystal!

  8. Excellent post, i know my mother & i do the same thing when we drive checking all the cows out here & there :))

    But i had to comment, the BEST sign we ever saw was an older, lg, painted sign on a back rout to A&M from San Antonio. The sign read "New & Used horses for sale" it was one of those "did you see that??" moments that we had to turn around for.


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