Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol II

Waiting for the results...
So things are still looking pretty strong with my American Idol team with the exception that I don't have Kris Allen on my roster. I think he may go to the top three or four, but I just wasn't feeling him on selection day (we even all met in the boardroom for our little draft!) My friend Corineah tells me she is all about him - but I have points to gain! After benching Allyson for a couple weeks in a row, I have learned my lesson - it's Lil Rounds that will now sit out, she just keeps on causing me too many points. Danny Gokey is going to need to step it up as well, yeah he is an awesome singer, but I am getting board with him. I think he is going to have to play the heartbreak card of losing his wife shortly before the competition to get around Adam in the end. Isn't great how reality TV sucks you right in. 

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  1. Hi Crystal! Google analytics is hard to figure out.. but totally worth it. Sign up for an analytics account using your gmail account. It will give you a long code to paste to your blog. Copy it, go back to your blog settings under html... and paste it above 'body' at the bottom of the massive code. I hope that helps makes sense of it.. you're going to LOVE it.


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