Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gone Shopping...

Spring is in the air...
With all of this gorgeous spring/summer weather we have been getting later, I have been itching to add a few new things to my wardrobe. This is the first weekend that I have been home in months so I decided this would be my chance to get some stuff scratched off my list of things needing to be done. So after a productful morning I headed to Kansas City. I was real good keeping to my list of only thing I needed - a few things at MAC, a couple new tops, hit the Beauty Brands $6.95 hairspray sale, look for dresses for Vegas and try and find a pair of shoes that could go with my navy dress that I will be wearing to Meredith's wedding coming up. I have a pair of shoes that could go with the dress, but after a late night of fun and dancing last summer they are looking a little beat up.

I had difficulties with the fun/going out dress part, and I just couldn't find shoes that would go with the dress. I did find a pair of sandals (pictured below) that I really like, but couldn't justify spending the $70. I'll have to wait until they go on sale. That's how I got the gold pair - I spotted them about this time last year priced around $60, and then bought them in August for $18! I bought a black pair to and now its like having brand new sandals. I also found this pair of black patent leather shoes on sale. I haven't been big on patent leather, but this pair caught my eye. I looked and looked at them but decided it just wasn't worth it. Well, I thought about those shoes all day, and was still thinking about them this morning! So after church I made the drive back to KC. I figured if I got there, and they were still there it was meant to be. I am now a proud owner of another pair of Gianni Bini shoes. I love this brand, and have many pairs! I am even thinking about switching my outfit to something black so I can wear the shoes at Meredith's wedding!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, let me know what your highlight was. Oh and my sister is in Thailand right now for work (lucky her) so you'll have to check out her blog.


  1. Sorry your shoes are boring... and make sure your bring the gold sandles to Vegas!

  2. we must have missed eachother this weekend! i was in KC at the plaza and all. even stopped in a MAC. i'm glad you had good luck shopping too! :)

  3. I actually stayed in the north end and shopped Zona Rosa. They have a huge Dillards up there! And I just love MAC, I can't get enough of their make-up! The Plaza is great though. If you ever make a trip back to the Plaza this summer you'll have to let me know!

  4. Great blog crystal!!! I enjoy hearing of other's shopping trips! Gives me a bit of my own shopping fix! haha!

  5. Super cute black pumps! Not all of us can pull off Pink heels on a daily basis Stacy ;)

  6. So this weekend was the true test for the black heels. I have been wearing them around the office all week, but on Saturday I wore them to the bar. By the end of the night I was ready to take them off! However all the compliments I got was worth it. Plus with them being patent leather all the bar yuck and stickiness wiped right off!


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