Monday, April 20, 2009

He's just not into you

It finally came to the dollar theatre...
(Warning this may not interest my male readers! Its a little girlie.)
So there is this dollar theatre in town, and usually my roommate and I are so busy when the popular movies come out that we just wait until they are in the dollar theatre - plus who can beat a two dollar movie. However, Robin and I have been patiently waiting for He's Just Not That Into You. My friends have mostly total me how awesome of a movie it is, and what a life changing experience it it.

Drum roll... I thought this movie was dumb. I mean I think I am following the rules, I don't freak out and check my phone a million times, I don't blame myself for situations that I did not cause, etc. I have fun with guys, and if it doesn't work out I move on. I feel like this movie was just another Hollywood movie, trying to educate us on how we should behavior in relationships, and yet in the end everything for everyone in the movie works out perfectly. I do not need a boy. When the right one comes I'll figure it out. So I hope all of you have a wonderful night, and are enjoying the relationship you are in or enjoying the search for the next one!

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