Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ooh a new heifer?!

Trying to keep money in the bank...
So this year I have made it a goal of mine to start saving - really start saving, with goals and everything. My first goal is to have the equivalent of three months paychecks in a savings account. In today's world you never know what could happen, and if I want to be an independent young lady I need to be sure that I can take care of myself! The next goal is to get all of my finances in one place I still have bank accounts in Alberta, and some down here and it is just a little hard to keep track of it all, plus I think it causes my mom extra stress sometimes being my Canadian bank manager!

Yesterday, my mom and I were discussing my Canadian fiances, and she informed me that I had a decent sized sum of money that I had kind of forgotten about. I was just thinking in my mind and about to say - great I can put this money straight into a retirement savings fund, when my mom said, "And you only have two cows left, and one is going to calf late this year, so if you still want to own cattle..." This is when I jump in, "You mean I could buy a heifer!" Oh the wheels started spinning. It has been such a long time since I have bought a heifer. I saved real hard, made wise cattle investments when I was growing up, and as a result my cattle paid for my college. But buying a heifer again would be awesome!

Last fall I think I even found the heifer I was supposed to own. Now you have to understand I am a Simmi girl, but I was on the National Angus Tour going through the display cattle and I saw this little heifer calf - she was awesome. A Raven daughter, big bodied, a ton of top and hip in her, and just pretty. To top it all off she was born on my birthday! To add to that they had an offer for $20,000 for half of her. This is when my heart sank. I still called dad to tell him about my new find, his reply was, "Hun, and what would we do with an Angus heifer?" So my little heifer stayed in Oklahoma. I still get to see her lots, they have been showing her a bunch, and doing really well with her. Sigh, that could have been me on the end of the halter. 

This is Signature 9S, a heifer I raised, and one of the last heifers I showed!

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  1. You can buy my 1/2 of our heifer from me...


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