Sunday, April 5, 2009

I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Case Gabel

At 7:30 Saturday morning I headed west on I-70 for the Gabel/Hartley wedding, in Burlington, Colorado. I made a quick stop in Manhattan to pick up cgood and we were off. We arrived in Stratton, where we were staying, we were even half an hour ahead of schedule. Cgood was going to run down to my car and get her hanging bag with her dress in it. I never really remembered seeing a hanging bag when we unloaded the car, and sure enough by the time cgood got back in the room, we realized she had left her dress in Manhattan - four and half hours away. Doing a google search we found a department store in Burlington.

When cgood called the store, they said they did sell dresses, but weren't very reassuring that it would be wedding attire. They also said it was the only option to find an outfit of any kind in Burlington. So, Melinda (another good friend of Christie's - sister of the groom), cgood and I jumped in the car, armed with different colored shoes and all the jewelry and accessories we had brought with us, and headed to Orth'sDepartment store.
We sent cgood to the change room, started grabbing dresses and hopped for the best. For $38 she bought the black/red/white dress seen in the picture and we were off. 

The wedding was great. The bride was gorgeous, the Gabel's can't wait to have Kelsi apart of the family, and Christie is excited to finally have a sister. 

At one in the morning we decided that it was time to end the party andhead back to Stratton. However, during all the festivities a hurricane wind storm had moved in, along with snow and the had shut I-70 down, along with 24 the secondary highway. Luckily, the highway patrolman knew that there had been a wedding in town and let us through. The end of the evening was spent eating the $23 worth of potato chips, cheese dip and Doritos I bought, and discussing that one boy had fed three of the four girls in the room the same line! Guess he didn't realize that we were all friends and staying together. Good times, with great girls! Can't wait for wedding number three in May. 


  1. I'm just glad I found a dress. When I called the department store and asked if they had a decent selection the lady said "'ll just have to see for yourself." Not exactly reassuring!

  2. Fun! Nice job on the blog! Ten weddings!!? Nuts!!!

    I'm looking forward to following your adventures...isn't the blog world so great?

  3. Cute dress Chelsea - you lucked out ;) I loved that your diva pow-pow at the end of the celebration, disclosed the common pickup line - gotta love men!! He he...


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