Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little Red Dirt music

This is what real country is...
So one of my favorite things about living in the states is "Red Dirt Music" or "Texas Country." The music is a good cross between good ole country (not this new pop stuff) and rock. When I was in college I got spoiled. Every Thursday night a band would play at Longhorns, a bar in Aggieville, Manhattan, KS. I got to see some amazing artists every week for $5-$10. I remember when I was still going to school at Butler, me and my girlfriends would drive the hour and 40 minutes to Manhattan on a Thursday, go to the concert, crash at a friend's house and then hustle it back to El Dorado for 8 a.m. classes. I guess that is just what you do when your young. I have still been able to catch a few concerts back in Aggieville, but me and my alumni friends are seriously considering starting a petition to have concerts moved to Friday or Saturday nights!

In a couple weeks Stillwater, Oklahoma, will host Testicle Festival/Calf Fry. It is a huge dirt music festival, and for the first-time ever I will be able to go. The event is going to feature some of my favorites Miranda Lambert, Randy Rogers, Aaron Watson and Jason Boland. I have made good use of my iPod, filling it up with some of these artists lately. This week, I am going to expose you to Cross Canadian Ragweed. This will be the first time I get to see them in concert, and I love their songs 17, Fightin' For and Crazy Eddie's last Hurrah. They have some other classics, but you'll have to Google them. So I hope you enjoy listening to their music and I promise to change it up soon. Maybe I can get a few of you hooked!

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  1. Thanks for the tunes! LOVE this type of music!!

  2. i suggest "again" by either randy rogers band or cross canadian ragweed. they both sing it, and i LOVE IT! i knew nothing of this "red dirt" music until i got to manhappiness and now it dominates my ipod.

  3. I can't wait for Calf Fry! I've already started listening to nothing but Red Dirt in preparation.

  4. I live in Stillwater and LOVE Calf fry and College fest (same thing, only held in august)...hope you enjoyed it, even with all the mud!!

  5. Jill thanks for the commnet! I have always heard about College Fest and would love to go. Hopefully I be back to Calf Fry next year with a little more sunshine. If you haven't read it yet you'll have to look at our pictures from the rest of the weekend -
    Stillwater is a great town.


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