Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giving back.

A proud K-State Alumnus... 
It has now been one year and four months since I left one of my favorite places on earth - Kansas State University! The people at K-State became my family for the two and half years that I spent there, and I still return often. While at K-State I had the opportunity to be apart of the 2006 Livestock Judging Team. My teammates are some of my closest friends. That school really helped me become the person who I am. 

Now that I am an alumni (actually the appropriate term would be alumna) I have really wanted to give back to my alma mater. I don't have a ton a cash funds to be handed over, but what I do have are skills, connections and time (not as much as I would like though!) My friends always give me a hard time about going from a recent graduate to a 60-year-old alumni because of my crazy support. I think some of it had to do with my request for K-State car flags for my birthday!

My first contribution this year was a video for the K-State Legacy Bull Sale. Last year, I saw that Penn State did a video for their student run sale. I thought K-State needed one and I would do it better! The video was a huge success. In the three weeks before the sale the video had more than 900 views. The video now has more than 1,100 hits! Then I renewed my alumni membership to K-State. It is a simple way to stay involved. After that I was able to give back during K-State's annual Telefund. That phone call made me feel old, because I remember calling other alumni asking for funds. I knew that I couldn't give a lot, but I wrote my $20 to the Livestock and Meat Industry Council fund, a fund that supports our judging teams. This weekend is the Alumni Judging Banquet. I would really like to attend, but I will be a sale that day and then headed down to Stillwater, OK. So in my place I am sending a little wine basket for their silent auction. 

Bottom line, we can all do something to help. Whether it is a couple dollars or half an hour of your time. Maybe it is even talking to prospect students and encouraging them to attend you alma mater. We all took something away from the places that we went to school and the organizations we were active in. Maybe there is some cause that is close to you heart. I know my good friend Kelsey Fraiser has recently blogged about her support of Relay for Life. In the next six months I am encouraging you to let me know how you have given back. Leave me a comment, give me a call or send me an email and I will let everyone know how were doing. During the next six months we'll review how we're all doing. If we want change we have to be leaders and start to make a difference. Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Crystal! Love your blog...and you of course. Miss ya!

  2. Rob and I have always belived in the value of junior shows. Last year a group of progressive moms started Canada's Richest Youth Show. There was about $13,000 given away in one day. Some through the conformation classes, essays and just random draws for cash just for attending. We thought it would be nice for their to be money for the breed champions, so this year High Country Cattle Services is sponsoring the Simmental divisions. Our girls developed skills and character from the junior shows they went to and now we are glad to give back to the next group of great agriculture kids.


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