Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day

Farmer and ranchers are everyday environmentalists

On April 22, people from around the world will celebrate Earth Day. This will be another opportunity for anti-agriculture activists to sing their song about the harm agriculture and beef production does to our environment. In their attempt to convince consumers to eat less beef, they are claiming that beef and red meat is bad for the environment, cows are causing global warming and in order to save the planet you should go "meatless" for at least one day per week. 

Now those that raise beef - a nutrient-dense, wholesome product, that has been called Mother Nature's best vitamin know that these are false claims, primarily made by those groups that have the goal to rid this country of animal agriculture. 

So what are we going to do? Below is a letter-to-the-editor that I have sent to my local paper and I would encourage you to do the same. Through the Beef Advocacy program, I have been provided with some guidelines to help you write your letter. Contact me at if you interested. We need to make sure we are educating our consumers on the value of agriculture. They are eager to learn, we just have to make sure we are telling them our story. Remember Earth Day is only a couple days away, so get typing!

Dear Editor,
This month we will celebrate Earth Day, but the truth is farmers like me are everyday environmentalists. I celebrate Earth Day every day – not only because agriculture is dependent on water and soil, but also because protecting the land and environment is the right thing to do.

We raise our cattle on millions of acres of U.S. land that are not suitable for growing crops. This more than doubles that land that can be used to produce food, all while helping prevent erosion and preserving wildlife habitat.

Today’s modern cattle feeding practices has allowed us to produce more pounds of beef with less resources. 1950s production practices would require an additional 165 million acres to raise beef.

My family and I are responsible stewards of the land and I am helping produce a nutrient-dense, wholesome product with your and my families in mind.

Celebrate Earth Day with a steak dinner and support America’s agriculture industry, everyday environmentalists who get up each morning to take care of the land and produce the food we so often take for granted. 


  1. Thanks for helping get the word out about using Earth Day as an opportunity to tell the beef story. I posted a link to a Texas Beef Council story this morning that does a great job of doing this with quotes from Minnie Lou Bradley, owner and operator of the Bradley 3 Ranch in north Texas.

  2. Thanks Chelsea. Miss CGood also shares my passion of being an advocate for animal agriculture. I have posted a link to her Beef Bites Blog. She does a great job of posting stories on what new moves anti-agriculture activists are up to, and how we can step up and make sure consumer knows the real truth. There are no better advocates for our industry than ourselves!


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