Monday, April 6, 2009

Send someone flowers

I love getting flowers, but I almost like sending them just as much - which is good for my friends and family. I remember when I was in junior high and high school we had a really good flower shop in our little town. I would often stop there on my way home from school and pick up a few flowers (usually Gerber daisies - one of my favorites). Mom would get home from school and would ask Stacy (my sister) and I who bought one of us flowers. I would I say, "I did for myself!"

Lately, I have been on a Tulip kick. You can buy them super cheap at Wal-Mart, the last long and are so bright! Last month, for my birthday mom and dad sent me bright pink Tulips with pussy willows in them. I think I was more excited about the pussy willows, because I haven't seen those in forever. We used to have lots around our house back home. My roommates didn't even know what they were! I should have taken a picture because the arrangement was awesome. 

Yesterday, one of my close friends found out her dog, Molly, had got run over. So I decided to brighten her day and sent flowers - Tulips of course! The note she sent me when she got them made me smile as much as getting flowers would have. One set of flowers two smiles, pretty good deal. I think I'll start sending flowers more often again... who are you going to send flowers to?

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  1. LOVE his entry Crystal!! I have heard time after time - You have to give what you like to get - in order to get more of it ;) This is a perfect example of that motto in life - you're amazing babe! Happy Easter!!


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