Monday, April 13, 2009

It finally happened!

This time it is for real...
So this weekend was extremely exciting! One of my best friends, Emilie, and another really close friend of mine got engaged. Emilie and Austin have been dating for about two and half years. They both met on our K-State judging team - that is how I met both of them too. I can remember Austin, Emilie and I went everywhere together. I always told Austin that he had it good because he always had a good looking blonde and brunette with him. I remember the day that Emilie called me and told me Austin was going to take her out to supper - just Emilie and Austin not the three of us like normal. She was so shocked, I wasn't! I could tell that he had liked her for a long time. 

Austin and Emilie started dating, and things definitely got serious and there was definite talk about marriage. I was so excited of the possibility of two of my favorite people getting married. This led to Emilie's favorite game - pranking me and pretending they had gotten engaged - I fell for it more than once! 

This weekend Emilie and Austin flew out from Pennsylvania for Austin's family's hog sale and Easter. Christie and I had a hunch that the question might get popped. Sure enough on Saturday morning Austin popped the question, in a style that would only fit those two! When I showed up at the farm later that morning, Emilie had that look on her face, but I wouldn't believe her until I saw the ring! And he did great - the ring is beautiful. Their engagement reminds me that true love still exists. Look how happy the look!  


  1. I loved this story!! I know you don't know me, however I follow Robyn Beazley's blog and that is where I saw the url (from one of your comments) to your blog. Today is the first time I've visited your blog and I really love it! I am also a member on and I believe I have read some very informative posts from you on there as well - and finally put it together that you are the Crystal following Robyn's blog! My name is Shari Beamish and I'm from Manitoba. I work full-time at Canada Malting Co. Ltd. as well as have my own carcass ultrasound business "UltraBeef Ultrasound Services." I just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed what I've read so far and plan to continue to follow your blog! Your writing and videos you have done are AWESOME!

  2. Thanks Shari! I think we probably have more friends in common than we realize. Maybe sometime we'll eventually cross paths in person!

    I think what Sarah and Kelly are doing at is great. It is a great way for us to tell our story about agriculture to consumers who really want to know.

    I promise to keep on posting!


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