Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love Make-up!

MAC Cosmetics... my obsession.
First off I am sorry to my dad and any other male readers out there, I know my posts have been a little girly lately. Just remember girls find this stuff really interesting. I promise to write about something not so "fluffy" soon!

So here is a little fact about me - I love make-up! I don't wear tons or anything like that, I just love buying it and having lots of choices. In high school I got hooked on MAC. I think my mom said that I could get some as part of my back to school wardrobe instead of more clothes, or maybe it was a treat for my birthday. I just love going into MAC stores, I love the bright colors and the girls always look so put together. I think MAC stores scares some people because the sales girls do have some pretty bright and bold looks, but trust me they will make you look like a rockstar! It has now become my goal to convert my friends to my MAC ways. Christie has always had a lot of MAC in her make-up kit, then it was my sister, then Robin, then CGood, and then Tawyna on our girls weekend had a little MAC make-over. (The picture is from our second annual KC girls weekend)

Like I mentioned last weekend I did a little shopping, and stopped by the MAC counter to pick up a few of the things I was out of. Their Prep+Prime line is amazing. I use the face primer under my make-up everyday and is makes my skin feel like silk, thus helping everything go on a lot easier. Plus, it really controls the oil in my T-zone. This time I picked up the Prep+Prime with SPF 50. I figured with summer around the corner this would save me one step in the morning. All about multi-tasking! Now I know there are some Mary Kay, Arbonne and Clinque girls that read my blog so tell me what your favorite beauty product is. Girls always love a miracle product!


  1. You girls look fantastic. You forgot to mention that MAC is Canadian!

  2. You should have waited to do your shopping till I got back. MAC is huge in Thailand and really cheap!!

  3. Do they have actual MAC stores over there or are you buying this stuff in the markets? You should stock up for us!

  4. They are the real thing, just discounted like everything else. Brett's brother brought some back, and its the real thing

  5. Oh, love this post! And don't worry, there's nothing wrong with getting a little girly - it keeps it real!

    I love MAC (although I'm not a huge fan of their mascara.) Their brushes are unreal...their eyeliner and foundation brush are amazing and make such a difference for me. My other favourite brand is Smashbox. Their under-eye concealer is the only thing that makes me look alive! I also love Quo foundation, and Tarte has some pretty amazing eye shadows for more fun looks. Whew...I could go on and on, but I'll stop now!!! I have to stay away from Sephora since I want to empty my bank account there...

    Fun post Crystal.

  6. Oh darling...I will admit, I was cringing for a bit reading this entry ;) I appreciate your add in about your friends liking other product lines - you like to get a rise out of us!! I'm absolutely addicted to Arbonne products! You don't want to get me started on "where/how" your products are made Crystal - it made me think twice about what I was using - BUT I will never talk bad about another company. I am THRILLED that you have found a product line that you are so passionate about. I will continue to lay my seeds in you and I KNOW you will become a bit Arbonnized one day and be hooked for life ;) My entire home and life are full of Arbonne - hard to pick out just a couple - but a few must haves are Arbonne eye cream, primer, bronzer, mascara, and body lotion that conquers my eczema! Love ya Crystal and your love for makeup!


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