Thursday, April 16, 2009

My favorites!

An order of fried pickles please...
On Wednesday I got to travel with my boss to Manhattan for work. We are going to be doing some exciting projects there later in the month. It is always great when you get to go to one of your favorite places for work. I'll have more details to come.

We had a little bit of time between two of our client meetings to grab a bit to eat. I suggested So Long Saloon. This is one of Aggieville's most well know places to eat. At supper, on a weekend or during game days this little restaurant is packed, and for good reason. They have awesome burgers, always a great lunch special, but what I love them for it their fried pickles! I love pickles, so when I arrived in Manhattan and discovered they could be fried too, I was in Heaven. They are served with cream cheese and I could eat them all day long. For my graduation I actually order 50 fried pickles to be served at my party. My mom and dad I think thought I was crazy. If I ever move back to Canada, I am not sure how I will live without them. If anyone ever hears of a recipe, please let me know!


  1. He he...this is awesome!! I haven't had Fried Pickles in a long time. Do you like 'em long or cut up better? Oh that could be taken a different way - but oh well!

  2. Ugh I miss fried pickles!! I was telling everyone at work about them the other day. They are soooo good!!

  3. try, that's where I found my recipe for fried pickles. No one believed me about their deliciousness after I came back from a conference in San Diego, but I've managed to convert a couple.

  4. Thanks Karin, I will definitely have to make sure I look that up. See Stacy that is why you have to come back and visit me. Maybe we can find some in Vegas. Robyn long is definitely the way to go! haha I have had both and the spears are much better!


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