Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Headed to Oklahoma

Its here!
I think Calf Fry has been on everyones mind for the past month. There has been a constant count down going on, not only because I am going to get to listen to some great music, but I am going to get the chance to see some of my closest friends again. CGood and I are going to be road tripping it down together, and we have been working on our Calf Fry 2009 iPod playlist! I have added a few more songs for you to listen to. Jason Boland is an old favorite. I have seen him quite a few times in Manhattan. I am really excited about Miranda Lambert though. Ever time I listen to her music I like her more and more. She is one strong, independent girl - just like many my friends. Hopefully we make it back in one piece!

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  1. Hope you had an AMAZING time at Calf Fry - SOOO excited to hear about your trip Crystal!!!

  2. Robyn it was rainy but awesome! I am hoping to have a post and pictures up tonight or tomorrow!


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