Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 Bar West Purses

One day I will have one of these...

I love 2 Bar West purses, and they had a huge booth in the Cowboy Christmas trade show. The quality of leather they use is amazing and they always have really unique designs. From what I have been able to find out, they don't have a website, but lots of western stores carry the brand's purses. And good news, if you really want a purse in the past they have been at the trade show at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. This laptop bag was definitely one of my favorites!

The top bag was really pretty. I love the studs that they use in their designs.

One of 2 Bar West's classic looks is just a basic black or brown bag, and then you can buy these different straps to add to the bag. One purse, mutliple looks, that is my kind of bag.


  1. Just wanted to warn anyone who was considering purchasing a Two Bar West Purse with hide on it I wouldn't. I purchased a bag & strap for a total of almost $400.00 & the hair has worn off of most of the hide leaving a very ugly purse worth nothing as Two Bar would not make it good. They said that was normal wear & tear. I have a couple of other hide purses & they have not done that?? It truly was a waste of $200 for the bag. I guess I could sink another $200 for another bag to go with an almost $200 strap?? Not worth it. They do look cool though.

  2. Same here. Purchased a Two Bar handbag with hide also, and yes, it's worn off in many spots. So dissappointed for the huge price tag that came along with it too. I doubt they would make it right because they acted as if i was putting them out when "I purchased it from them in Vegas!"

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