Friday, December 11, 2009

Tigers, Lions, Bear and Mistresses oh my!

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, I say shaking my head. What will we do with you?
So I really do like Tiger Woods. I think he is one of the most amazing athletics across the sports board, but his decisions in his personal life haven't impressed me so much lately.

 I am one of those people that actually likes to watch golf. I think I got this from my dad. During the summers or on weekends, we would wake up early get heifers in, work hair, clip, etc., or do general stuff on the farm, come inside for lunch - eat grilled cheese sandwiches and soup (a staple in my diet), and then watch golf for awhile until it was cooler outside.

It amazes me how people think that they can get away with things in relationships. Like somehow, it'll be ok because the other person won't find out. This weekend I even heard this girl (that is in a serious relationship mind you) say, "well it's just kissing, that doesn't really count." Uh ya it does. My friend Tiffany wrote a good post about this the other day, Stop Helping the Jerk Gene.

After my NFR trip to Vegas, everyone asked us how the cowboys looked - they looked real good. Just one problem, most of them had wives or girlfriends, but that didn't seem to bother them. Can you really find a significant other out there these days that will be faithful and committed? I am a positive person, and have faith, so I am going to believe that you can. In the mean time I leave you of this image that my sister actually took of me this summer when we were in Vegas. It seems pretty fitting now!

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  1. I love it!! I cannot believe that you had that picture! Too funny! Thanks for the link. :)


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