Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advocates for Agriculture

Range Beef Cow Symposium

This week I have been in Casper, WY, for the Range Beef Symposium. Despite major transportation delays on the trip here, I have been really impressed with the conference and speakers so far.

This morning I got to listen to two sets of excellent advocates for agriculture and the beef industry. Troy and Stacy Hadrick, are creators of the Advocates for Agriculture blog. If you are looking for a daily snapshot of what people are saying about our industry, I highly recommend following their blog.

Their speech today talked about how we are more influential than you realize. Today they threw out the figure that "One American in ten will tell the other nine how to vote, where to eat and what to buy. And the biggest commonality among this group is that the fact that more than 75% of them attend three or more meetings per year, as opposed to only 15% of the general population." They asked the audience why does this matter? Well because knowledge is power. When you attend a meeting, and go home people ask you what did you learn. You then have the opportunity to educate others, and present the information in the context you choose. You have the power. Definitely an interesting concept.

So now that we hold the power, we need to educate. The consumer wants to know. So answer their questions.

More on the other speaker tomorrow.


  1. If you have time, go to the Ne Dept of Ag booth and say hi to Lynn Gordon. She is there promoting a seminar that Ag and the Corn Board are doing together. :) Have fun too!!

  2. I love the A4A blog -- Troy is great about informing us of what the opposition is saying and how we can combat it.


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