Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If I had a million dollars - boots

I would buy you a house...

Actually I would just prefer these boots. This pair of Luccheses were by far my favorite pair of boots I saw the entire time we were in Vegas for the NFR. Actually, maybe ever. So why did these lovely cowboys boots not return with me? Only because they were a $1,000, and really that was a deal compared to the pair Robin liked. They were $1,800. I guess we just have expensive taste!

Good bye lovely boots, one day when I win the lottery you will be mine.


  1. Oh, girl! You should for sure check out the Lucchese hair-on boots I've been drooling over for a couple of months now. They are also $1,000...and eekk maybe they're worth it?!

  2. Ohhh, just as expensive as a pair of Manolos! Those are CUTE. Christmas is coming up...start a boot fund! Your birthday isn't far away either... ; )

  3. I'm not one to spend much on sneakers or dress shoes for work, but I love me some cowboy boots!!!

  4. Melissa and Shelly, new boots are always so tempting. Ariana I like the way you think! Maybe if I ask every family member and friend to pitch in together I could get this fabulous birthday present!


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