Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas moves from Nell HIll's to our kitchen

Christmas is around the corner - Part II

Well Christmas is almost here, so I thought I had better get my pictures up! Back in October I had the pleasure of visiting Nell Hill's - an amazing home decor store.

I really wanted to add some Christmas/Winter flare to the candelier in our kitchen. And this is how it all turned out...

The tree branches are actually fake. Nell Hill's had all kinds of different greenery to buy!

I love these glass tear drops, and the snowflakes. The whole project cost about $70. I think we'll be able to leave it up well passed Christmas.

I also wanted to let all my readers know that I Believe Tuesday's will be postponed until I get back from my Christmas holidays. I'm back home in Canada right now so the posts might be a little sparse, but I promise to post lots of pictures and stories upon my return. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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