Saturday, December 12, 2009

Copper is in

And it was everywhere...

While at NFR R3 and I went through two different trade shows - Cowboy Christmas and Country Christmas and they were both phenomenal! As I had mentioned before leaving, I was really in search of a belt, and a cowhide belt would have been ideal. We search and search and I was hoping to find one to fit my taste at Classic Leather Designs, but no luck. I guess I am just picky! However, I did not walk away empty handed.

This year there seemed to been copper necklaces everywhere, and rustic cutouts to match. Remember all the ones I saw at American Royal. Although, I wear lots of black I figured I would find a way to incorporate a little copper into my wardrobe. First, you buy this ball-and-chain necklace for $10. Then add as many charms as you wish - turquoise nuggets were $2 I think, small charms $3 and large charms $5. Although, Classic Leather Designs does not have these available on their website however Sandy said give her a call and she could send items out. So I made sure I took a picture of everything available!

To go on my necklace I also got the cow charm on the bottom and...

this cross, which I really like.

Happy shopping! And don't worry there are still many more NFR shopping posts, including the boots I fell in love with!


  1. I love copper and have incorporated it into many of my handcrafted jewelry pieces. It's a less expensive alternative to sterling silver, but just as pretty!


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