Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vegas NFR style, buckles and singing

Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...

On Friday night we hit the ground running. R3 and I left straight from the office and headed to the airport, and thanks to Southwest and those handy little drink tickets we were able to enjoy a little relaxation. The plane was full with a combination of rodeo goers, marathon runners - there was a huge race in Vegas on Saturday, and a bunch of K-State vet students and equine enthusiasts that were attending the National Equine Practitioners meetings in Vegas. Why can't my meetings be in Vegas?

Once we arrived in Vegas, we checked into the Planet Hollywood hotel - and yes we somehow managed to get a suite. I would highly recommend this hotel, very nice, good location on the strip, great places to eat, and the a mall attached to it. This would be R3 demonstration the size of our tub. We also each had our own vanities. Very important!

Later that night we headed over to South Point to watch the NFR buckle presentations. It's neat to watch the contestants talk about their ride or run, they bring the stock contractors up there with them, family, etc. Everyone is pretty excited. While you are at South Point you can also take in the Calgary Stampede party. Us northerners like to surround ourselves with other northerners ;). In this picture Kaycee Field is getting his buckle from Round 2 in the saddle bronc riding. p.s. it is very strange to see rodeo clown Flint Rasmussen without his clown get-up on.

That night we headed over to Mirage, where all the contests all go. It was neat to be standing there and get to mix and mingle with all the guys you see down in the arena or on the big screen. Every night at the Mirage they also have a line up of country music singers. The first night we saw Jason Meadows, who was the second-place finalist on the third season of Nashville Star. And yes, he gave me one of his band's drumsticks. He was pretty decent, worth looking into. However, the second night we got to see Michael Scott, and he was really good. A little more rocker to him. I like this song of his if you want to listen.

Next time we'll talk about the importance of shopping and plastic guitars!


  1. Glad you two had a blast!! Look forward to more details on your trip.

  2. Thanks Robyn! It was so great to see you and Laura. i am sure you are going to have some great stuff coming up on Copper West!

  3. I love reading this stuff CY!


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