Friday, December 18, 2009

Let me eat my meat!

Vegetarians, from the other point of view!

I came across this great video on YouTube, and obviously others think it's not bad either with more than 200,000 views. Really when you think of the arguments that some animal rights activists are using they are rather silly. I love the few lines about pigs in the video, because they are right what else would you use them for? Now go and enjoy a piece of meat as part of your balanced and healthy diet!


  1. Oh goodness, this is great!! We need to spread this out for more people to see. One more reason you need Twitter! I will link you blog to my twitter post. :)

  2. I promise Kelsey, as soon as I have Twitter you will be the first one to teach me how to use it! ;)

  3. Great video, love your site, keep up the promotion of the best lifestyle there is.
    Andrew Johnson


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