Monday, December 14, 2009

Vegas - the real event - and how to survive

And then the big night came!

On Saturday night R3 and I hit the rodeo. We got really lucky and a friend of mine had won tickets, and very graciously gave us his Saturday night seats. And they were really good seats, 50 yards line kind of seats. Of course we were in Vegas so that meant taking things to extremes - dresses and cowboy boots. I am pretty sure this was the first time I have ever matched the two together, but I would say it worked out pretty good because R3 and I made the big screen!

The NFR does a real good job of entertaining the crowd. One of my favorite parts was when all the cowboys (and cowgirls!) got to ride in with their respective states - Canada was grouped together and trust me the Canada fans were sure proud! The Texas group was huge, but you all know what they say about Texas ;). Those horses all sidestepped until they were side by side and created this huge rectangle.

Tips for going to NFR:
1. go early - there is lots to do, see, eat and drink before the rodeo
2. bring a sign, R3 and I decided we could double the chance of getting on the big screen by having a sign.
3. If your from Canada bring a Canadian something - flag, maple left, etc.!
4. Either leave before the bull riding to get a cab or bum a ride - we bummed a ride! You won't believe how long the cab ling was.
5. Bring a Vegas survival kits, which looks something like this....

Something to drink on the way to your destination (see upper left-hand corner), cups, snacks to get your energy back up after all that late night dancing, water for the morning, and a little headache medicine!


  1. Thanks for sharing the tips. I'm hoping to attend next year!

  2. Oh my goodness I had to check this out! Love it! I drove this year but two years ago we flew and bummed rides everywhere-Vegas is full of kind people during NFR.

  3. I look forward to going back to attend! It was fun to relive it by rereading your post this year.


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