Friday, December 4, 2009

Still got a little Canadian in me

It isn't that cold outside. 

When I went home for Agribition people gave me a little bit of a hard time that I was becoming Americanized. When you think about it though, I have been down in the state for more than six years now. And although I never had much of a Canadian accent, I don't say I will "phone" you as much as I use to.

However, I am hear to prove the I still have some Canadian left in me. While I was in Casper for the Range Beef Cow Symposium a nice little snow storm came through town.

That would be my rental car. 

Everyone kept on complaining how cold it was. I really didn't think it was that bad. Yes, I had on my Northface and little black gloves, and I was only going from my car to the conference center and back. But, it wasn't like you had to rush inside or wait for your car to warm up. I thought the snow, sunshine and mountains made for a lovely day. I love day like that. Getting all bundled up to go to chores or be with the cattle.

However, despite the sunshine, the weatherman on the radio informed me that actually it was 9 degrees F so, about -13 C. So I guess for my American friends it was maybe a little chilly, but I still love winter days like the one above!

Now let's hope it doesn't snow in Vegas. 

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  1. Hi Crystal
    Well you would love being at home today. 18 inches of snow in the last week. There was a province wide blizzard Friday night. Dad even had to take the tractor to work this morning because he almost didn't get home last night in the 4x4. I'm sure it will be a white Christmas this year.


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