Sunday, December 6, 2009


If only farming was that easy. 

So I don't know how many of you are addicted to Facebook's Farmville. It is a great little game, but I only let is consume my computer time during the winter, do to the fact that my corn kept dying and I was getting way too many trees on my land, while I am running around the country, not paying attention to my virtual farm.

For any of you in college or just looking for a good resource I like the College Aggies Online website, developed by the Animal Agriculture Alliance and the American National Cattlewomen's Association. Today I stumbled across this video. Don't forget to thank your favorite farmer!

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  1. Hi Crystal,

    I'm the Alliance's Communications Coordinator and just wanted to say thanks for sharing our video. Glad that you enjoyed it! You are doing a great job with your blog, it's such an effective way to share farm life with non-ag folks. Happy New Year!


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