Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Little Store Called Lou Talbert

And a lesson on in self-restraint.

While in Casper, WY, I had the chance to stop by the famous Lou Talbert Ranch Outfitters western store. This location, or the one in Billings, MT, used to be a common stop for me when I would drive from Kansas to Alberta, back in my college days.

With over 80 years of experience, and three floors worth of goods, that stretched across three store fronts you are bound to find something to tickle your fancy. (Or at least I did.) The thing is - I am headed to Vegas tomorrow, and have been saving my pennies for Cowboy Christmas. So instead I just snapped pictures to share with you!

I really liked these hand tooled Corral boots. And recently I have seen squared toed Corral boots. Definitely going to be looking for some of those at Cowboy Christmas.

More jewelry than you can image. I would really like to get my hands on one of those sterling silver ball necklaces, like the one in the top right-hand corner or the one on the bottom. Two strands would do me just fine with my small neck, but the $450 price tag isn't so fine, and that is why they are still in the store and not my suitcase!

And if you like a little bling on your belt this is the place for you. They had some of the most unique designs I had ever seen. I'll still be keeping my eye out for a hair on belt in Vegas!

I have much more to come, including some great home decor so stay tuned!


  1. LOVE Lou Talbert''s a must stop anytime I'm in Billings!! Can't wait to see what you get in Vegas!! Have Fun :)

  2. I just found a beautiful hair on belt in our teeny tiny local "mall" store (our town only has like 30 people but we got a mall, haha)! It is very similar to the one in your picture that you said you liked!
    Have fun in Vegas!

  3. Vegas was great, and the shopping was amazing! Details to come very soon!


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